At Ellerslie Pet Hospital, our veterinarian in South Edmonton provides quality care to animals of all sizes. We even offer veterinary services for exotic pets, including small mammals, birds, and reptiles. If you’ve been looking for a veterinary team you can trust with your exotic pet’s health and wellness, you’ve come to the right place.

Services From Our Bird Veterinarian

Birds require a special type of care and expertise, and our bird veterinarian at Ellerslie Pet Hospital has it. For starters, we offer comprehensive wellness exams for birds here in our office, which is great for staying on top of any changes in your pet bird’s health and bringing up any questions you may have about your bird’s nutrition, behavior, or overall health. For older birds, we even offer geriatric health and wellness exams. In addition to our bird wellness exams, you can also bring your bird into our office for an examination any time you suspect it may be sick or injured.

We also offer beak and nail trims in our office, as well as feather clipping to keep your bird properly groomed. Nail trims are especially important if you handle your bird frequently, as sharp nails can cause serious injury.

Not sure about your bird’s gender? Allow us to perform DNA sexing in our office.

Services From Our Reptile Veterinarian

If you own a reptile, then our reptile veterinarian is here to provide you with the veterinary services needed for a long and healthy life. Whether you have a pet snake, lizard, turtle, iguana, or any reptile in between, we’re here to help. For starters, we recommend regular wellness exams for reptiles; generally, our veterinarian will want to see your reptile for an exam once a year, though older reptiles or those with known medical conditions may need to come in more frequently (such as twice a year) for an exam. If your reptile is sick, we can also perform a sick exam in our office, as well as any necessary diagnostics to get to the bottom of the issue.

Small Mammal Vet Services

Our vet is also able to see small mammals, including rabbits and rodents. We offer a wide range of small mammal veterinary services, starting again with annual wellness exams and sick visits as needed. For rabbits and rodents, we can also perform dental assessments, as well as some dental procedures if needed. We also highly recommend spaying or neutering your small mammal to avoid unwanted litters or reproductive health problems down the road.

Additional small mammal services offered include nutritional consultations and ferret vaccinations to protect your pet from common illnesses and diseases.

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At Ellerslie Pet Hospital, our veterinarian in South Edmonton takes great pride in serving not just dogs and cats, but a number of different exotic animals as well. If your exotic pet is in need of any of these services, feel free to contact us to schedule an appointment or find out more about our practice. You can reach us by calling 780-702-7738 today.